Basking in God’s Good Favor

God brought my wife and I to Utah almost twenty years ago.  When we packed up the truck and moved here from Pennsylvania, it was just me and her and a cat.  We left behind us our family, our friends, our native land, our church, everything we knew and loved, and moved to a far off land where we knew nobody.  We brought with us a truck full of possessions and hope for a life of ministry together.

By God’s grace, we have grown together, grown in ministry, grown our family, and grown a few other things – which we are not talking about now.  Since we moved to Utah, God has blessed us one hundred-fold.  He has added five children to our family – and what a joy it is to watch them all grow.  He has provided us the ability to buy a house with a yard.  He has supplied our needs throughout.  He has sustained us through my wife’s lengthy battle with Lyme disease.  He has increased our ministry responsibilities and given us a wide field to serve in.  He has favored us with His goodness.  We want Him to be praised.

We hope that in some small way, this blog will serve as a testimony of the goodness and grace of God and will offer help and encouragement to those who name the name of Christ.